One-sided New York conversation

Overheard in the dining concourse of Grand Central Station at 9.30am. An old guy waiting for his train is trying to complete a crossword as the bag lady next to him assaults his ears:

"...To the day I die I’ll never understand it. All those years, working for the Post Office. The man has a good job. A good income. He’s been making good money all these years. He has a nice apartment. But what does he DOOOO with his time? Nothing. Nothing. THAT’S what he does. He has no friends. Making good money at the Post Office ALL. THOSE. YEARS. and he never goes out. He NEVER. GOES. OUT. What is WRONG with a person like that? I’ll never understand it. The man has a good job with the Post Office. You think at his age he would have FRIENDS. He would TRAVEL a little. What does he DOOOO with his time? NOTHING. That’s what he does. I don’t know. All those years, all that money and the man doesn’t even own a decent COAT."