My mother and Bob Dylan

There's a good reason why my mother never had her own radio programme.

She and my father had come over to Derry last weekend to see me play with the Ronnie Greer Band at the Bentley Bar, as part of the City of Derry Jazz and Blues Festival.

As part of the set I had played the old Bob Dylan bootleg, 'Blind Willie McTell'. We have an arrangement that starts off moody and quiet and builds the drama up, coming down again to a spooky and sparse finish. It usually goes down quite well among the Jimmy Reed 12 bar blues selections.

On the way home, my parents were commenting on how much they'd enjoyed the show. 'I never heard you sing that song before,' she said. 'That Bob Dylan thing - it's great.'

'Which one is that?' I said, confused for a moment.

'You know,' she said. 'That "Deaf Willie McTell" one.'

I'm sure Bob would have seen the funny side.