30 days, 30 albums... Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

I was a late convert, and this was the first Dylan album I really got my teeth into. I was AWARE of him, and at school someone had loaned me one of the Christian albums, but I'd just never been exposed to the best of him, for some reason. I borrowed this on cassette from a library and it shot me right back to the power of lyrics - to move, inspire and speak the truth. And to be funny. Some of this is very funny. In truth I never really recovered from the whipcrack of the snare drum opening of ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. And the rolling piano of ‘It Takes A Lot to Laugh…’ Words tumble out, hotly pursued by a loose and loud band holding on for all they’re worth. It’s still the soundtrack for many a journey. And it sounds as fresh today as I'm sure it did then - even listening on a stretched old cassette tape with a cracked cover.