Reunited with old friends at the Montra

It was a super weekend for gigs - on Friday night I was reunited with my old buddy Noel McKeary for a charity show at the Montra Club in Coleraine. The gig was a fundraiser for St Vincent de Paul at St. John's in Killowen, the part of town where my father's family come from.

It was great to see some faces I haven't seen in a while, including some of my cousins and my old Chronicle friend Des Worboys, who took this picture. Most of all, though, it was good to play a few songs with Noel - I joined the country rock band New Moon just before Noel left it, so we played together for almost a year. Along with Adrian and Clive Culbertson, Noel penned some great songs on the band's album Emerald Country Shack.

I played a few of my songs and then Noel came on stage and I accompanied him on some of his songs and then we played a few crowd-pleasers and left the stage to Henry Gaile, as he and Bernie came on and finished the night off with some music for dancing. Thanks to all those who came along and supported the night.

The folowing evening was something completely different - playing the blues with the Ronnie Greer Blues Band down at the Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen. The audience were wonderful and I think it's about the best I've ever heard the band - bouncy, polished and slick. Hugely enjoyable. Apart from the long drive back to Belfast. My eyes were definitely at half-mast when I pulled up outside the house and turned off the engine. Off to Paris tonight to be reunited with Andrea and spend a few days chilling out.