30 days, 30 albums... Neil Young - Comes a Time

I figure there’s no way to single out a Neil Young album – there are so many different styles from all of the many different lives that he has led, where do you start? And there are so many that I either haven’t listened to in years or haven’t heard yet. So this is a personal choice – I know it’s a lightweight compared to some of his major works, but it was the first NY album that I bought. I remember saving my pocket money and buying it from Dempsey’s Record Shop on the Promenade in Portstewart. And when I listen to opening chords of ‘Going Back’, I’m still transported back to that dreamy adolescent summer: ‘I feel like going back, back where there’s nowhere to stay…’. It just sounded wonderful to me then – all those lush acoustic guitars and that unmistakeable, unforgettable voice. But for the Neil Young purists, I also love Rust Never Sleeps, Freedom, Tonight’s the Night and of course, After the Gold Rush.