30 days, 30 albums (last one)... The Band - Northern Lights Southern Cross

Well, here's the last of the thirty - this has been a lot of fun, and of course coming to the end of the 30 only serves to throw up another 30 that could have been featured. Thanks a million to all of you who have followed the list and left comments - it's been great fun. To recap, I'll publish the full list here tomorrow.

To finish (in no particular order) I'm featuring a late album by The Band that I love because it has my two favourite Band tracks on it - It Makes No Difference, and Robbie Robertson's masterpiece Acadian Driftwood. A masterpiece song that no-one else could have done justice to - the sound of these voices and this bunch of musicians on that piece of writing is the pinnacle of their already remarkable achievement. Big Pink and The Band also have super moments on them, but this is a personal favourite.

Thanks again - and keep in touch!