Poses and paws

I just had to share this WEIRD little picture with the world – but I think it deserves an explanation. I was walking up to the corner shop on the morning of the Royal Wedding a week or so back, and on the way past this house, there was the most adorable, human-faced little poodle leaning on the back of the sofa, looking out the window with what appeared to be a smile.

  I remarked to myself about the incredible happy face of this little hound and, as I had my phone with me, I considered taking a snapshot on the way back.

  The dog was still there as I made my way home, so I fished my phone out of my pocket and took aim. And just at that moment, as I squeezed the button, the thought flashed through my head that I shouldn’t be taking pictures of people’s houses, and that perhaps I’d be spotted and could end up with an angry householder on my hands.

  So I decided not to, and turned the phone away and put it back in my pocket. Somehow, though, a picture was taken. And when I looked at it later, it appeared to have snapped just as the phone was moving, and somehow the light was twisted as the lens opened and closed. So I’m left with this strangely bent-out-of-shape portrait of a happy little poodle peeking out between the curtains. The bay window was square, and the railing in the foreground was, I assure you, completely straight.

  And if I stood there for the next six months wiggling my phone back and forth I would never be able to achieve this effect deliberately.