10 Days, 10 Songs - You're The One

ANDREA AND I moved to Belfast in September of 2009, and we rented a tiny little house on Hillfoot Street in Strandtown in the East of the city.

  By the time we crammed our furniture and books and my guitars in, we found we had to go through doors sideways. We shared a spare room as a study, and when we worked together we would sit almost literally back to back.

  I’d never lived in a city before, and I became intoxicated with it in the first few months. The limitless possibilities of where to go, things to see, the buzz of the traffic and the happenings.

  It was an Indian summer, and we seemed to be spinning through the city on our bikes all the time, rattling down Mersey Street and under the Harland and Wolff cranes, making new friends and trying new places for coffee, for drinks.

  It was the first time we’d made a new home together, and it felt like our first big shared adventure. With Andrea it always feels like that. It felt like we had taken ownership of the place – hence the line: ‘We’ll walk this city hand in hand, from Strandtown to the Holy Land, and all the restaurant windows shine down on our plans’.


Anthony Toner, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica


YOU’RE THE ONE - lyrics

Will you say that you’ll be my love?

Light me up like the stars above?

It’s the situation

I’ve been dreaming of.


And we’ll walk this city hand in hand,

from Strandtown to the Holy Land.

And all the restaurant windows

shine down on our plan...


You’re the one


I used to sing a sad refrain -

I was a man who thought he’d missed his train.

Now I’m as high as a beacon

on a shipyard crane.


You’re the one


Everybody needs a hand to hold,

and a smile to stop you growing old.

You can have my hand, my smile,

my heart and soul...


You’re the one