An Alphabet Blog: G is for Guitars

I don’t know if there’s much else to be said on this subject, really… it’s on ongoing source of amusement to my mother in law – ‘how many guitars do you have NOW?’

I should mention that all of the acoustic guitar parts on this album were played on Tanglewood guitars. I’ve been a Lowden player for twenty years and I was approached last year by Tanglewood, who offered me a couple of guitars to try - and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. In fact, about half of the album came from fooling around on new instruments – it’s always a great way to kick start a song: Play an instrument you haven’t played before, or try a new tuning, or put the capo halfway up the neck, or take one of the strings off…

I’ve attached some pictures of the models involved - I'm using this little TW40 (above) a lot at the minute, enjoying its closeness to the body and its sweetness. The electric guitars on this album were a Fender Telecaster, an early 2000s Danelectro reissue and an Epiphone 339. All of them have served me well – every time they come out of the cases, it’s like having old friends round for a visit.