Blues and reviews

The Ronnie Greer Blues Band played a rather special gig on Saturday night past (June 15) at the Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen. It was a strange atmosphere - slightly tense as we approached, thanks to the imminent arrival of the G8 summit. 'As the band played,' says Anthony, 'we could look out the window and see the security forces in inflatable boats cruising up and down the lough looking for signs of risk on the shoreline.'

But it turned out to be a musically wonderful affair - the line-up was Ronnie on guitar and vocals, Alan Hunter on bass, Colm Fitzpatrick on drums, Linley Hamilton on trumpet, Scott Flanigan on keyboards, Anthony on guitar and vocals, and special guest Ken Haddock on guitar and vocals.

There's a very nice review of the show here on the Marlbank website: