Writing for Arrivals

Anthony is currently composing some instrumental material for a forthcoming stage production. 'Arrivals' will open at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast on February 12, running for four consecutive nights, before touring to Ards Arts Centre on February 19, the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine on February 20, the Marketplace Theatre in Armagh on February 21 and Down Arts Centre on February 22.

The production was launched last night (January 9) at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast, with short excerpts from the script being read by the actors and Anthony improvising some music between the readings. Reactions to the music were extremely positive.

'Most of it was based on drum loops, with some very simple guitar arrangements played over the top,' says Anthony. 'But it seemed to suit the mood of the pieces. I'm imagining the finished soundtrack for the play will be more evolved, and will feature a number of other textures. Different instruments and found sounds, etc.'

The music will be worked on as the play gets into rehearsal in early February. Arrivals was conceived and will be directed by Anthony's wife Andrea Montgomery, and has been written by a group of talented writers from Northern Ireland - a cast of characters cross crosses the globe to land in Northern Ireland, searching for love, for marriage, for refuge, for work, for passion, for friendship, for inspiration, for a new beginning.

To find out more, visit the Terra Nova Productions website at www.terranovaproductions.net.