Anthony adds In the Round date at Portstewart Songwriters Festival, March 30

Anthony has added a new date to the list of shows for the Spring – on Sunday March 30, as part of the brand new Portstewart Songwriters Festival.


This event has been pulled together by Coleraine Borough Council and features a three day mix of shows, workshops, presentations and sessions.

Anthony is appearing twice – offering a songwriting workshop on Sunday morning at 11am with Gareth Dunlop in Big Telly’s The Box on the Promenade, and then appearing that evening in concert, In the Round, with Gareth Dunlop and Amanda St. John.

For the workshop, Anthony promises a personal glimpse into the songwriting process, and offers some tips for budding songwriters. ‘I’m hoping to get some discussion going with Gareth and with some of the people who come along,’ Anthony explains. ‘The idea will be that the workshop will be led by the discussion and the questions from the audience, so it could go in all kinds of directions. We’ll probably perform a few songs, too, and offer some insights into how they came together.’

The festival offers a list of about 20 free gigs in coffee shops and bars throughout the weekend, featuring Briana Corrigan, Silhouette, Tony Villiers, Mandy Bingham, Alana Henderson, Rory Nellis, Songs of Caliber, DANI, Giraffe Stairs, Lonesom George and hosts more.

The highlights of the weekend include:

Friday March 28:

The Art of Songwriting – a panel discussion with Paul Aiden and Paule Steele, hosted by Generator NI at Big Telly’s The BOX on the Prom – 4pm (FREE

Saturday March 29:

Songwriters Workshop hosted by Briana Corrigan and Amanda St. John at Big Telly’s The BOX on the Prom, 11am (£5)

Getting Noticed: Making an Impact in the Music Industry – hosted by Paul Kane of the Oh Yeah Music Centre, at Big Telly’s The BOX on the Prom, 20m (£5)

30 Years in the Music Business – a talk by BBC Broadcaster Stuart Bailie at Big Telly’s The BOX on the Prom, 4pm (£5)

Saturday Night Showcase – hosted by Ralph McLean of BBC Radio Ulster: Bronagh Gallagher, SOAK and Paul Casey in concert at Portstewart Town Hall, 8pm (Admission £12)

Sunday March 30:

Songwriters Workshop with Anthony Toner and Gareth Dunlop at Big Telly’s The BOX on the Prom, 11am (£5)

Movie Screening – ‘Once’, at The BOX on the Prom, 1pm (FREE)

Raised Voices – The Genius of Bob Dylan, with Ralph McLean of BBC Radio Ulster and live music at The BOX, 3pm (£5)

In Concert, In the Round – Gareth Dunlop, Anthony Toner and Amanda St. John, Portstewart Town Hall at 6pm (£10)

Tickets for all of the shows are available from Coleraine Tourist Information Centre (028) 7034 4723, and Flowerfield Arts Centre (028) 7083 1400. For the complete list of FREE gigs, visit